GARRISON-KENNEDY is Bakersfield native Craig Garrison and Canadian Kathy Kennedy: Husband/wife songwriters, performers and recording artists. 
Garrison's songs have been covered by some of Blues brightest lights; Trudy Lynn's cover of "Instant Breakfast" appears on five individual Ichiban Records releases, including the original vinyl 7" single; Chicago's own Artie "Blues Boy" White covered Garrison's "Just Getting In" on his final Ichiban release, "Hit And Run." (RIP Artie;) Blue Wave records included "Freeway Romancer" on Ronnie D's "Blues Demon" cd, a song co written with Jimi Bott and the late Bob Jones.
Kathy Kennedy is a long time presence on the Winnipeg/Ottawa roots music scenes  as a concert promoter, song writer and singer and is now in her element as a co writer and collaborator. 
So - what the heck is Bak-O-Blues-A-Billy? As the title itself alludes, it's an earthy mix of Bakersfield Country, Blues and Rockabilly, brewed up with Roots Music's finest elements: The half time Bo Diddley hypno-groove, "The Way You Love Me." The greasy trucker swamp workout, "Southbound 99." 
Stirred, poured and refreshingly lo-fi.
It's Bak-O-Blues-A-Billy!!

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